The Routes of the Ark and the Dove

Friday the 22nd of November 1633

On St. Cecilia’s Day, at the port of Cowes on the Isle of Wight, the Ark and the Dove begin their journey to Maryland.

Monday the 25th of November 1633

That evening, rough seas from a storm forces the Dove to return to England while the Ark continues their voyage.

Bonavista island

The Ark decides not to stop here, a Dutch outpost with an abundance of salt and goats.

Thursday the 26th of December 1633 

Thirty passengers come down with fever from drinking wine after celebrating Christmas, twelve of whom die.

Tuesday the 3rd of January 1634

The Ark anchors at Barbados for ten days, where they will reunite with the Dove.

Wednesday the 25th of January 1634

The ships anchor for the night at Martinique.

Sunday the 29th of January 1634

The ships arrive at St. Christopher’s where they remain for ten days.

Monday the 27th of February 1634

The ships arrive at Point Comfort, Jamestown, Virginia.

Friday the 3rd of March 1634

The Ark and the Dove sail into the Chesapeake.

Saturday the 25th of March 1634

The first Mass is celebrated by Father Andrew White on St. Clement’s Island, marking the end of their voyage.